Clinic Tour

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Reception Area

Feline waiting area - Separate dog and cat waiting rooms ensure a less stressful experience for your pet!

Hospitality Center

Stop by our hospitality center for snacks, water, or coffee during your pet's visit!


Our in-house pharmacy. Rainbow Animal Hospital is equip to provide medications for all kinds of ailments on site! We also offer shipping on most medications. *In order to dispense medications, your pet needs to have had a physical exam with Rainbow Animal Hospital within the past 12 months.


Here, Dr. Patton performs a minor surgical procedure.

Reception Area

Canine waiting area


Licensed Veterinary Technician, Marie performs a dental prophylaxis on a patient using an ultrasonic scale and polishing machine.

Ultrasound Procedure

Dr. Patton performing a diagnostic ultrasound on a feline patient.

Laparascopy Procedure

Dr. Patton performing a Laparoscopic Biopsy with the assistance of Licensed Veterinary Technician, Ann.

LVT In Action!

Licensed veterinary technician, Ann reviews radiographs of a patient's paw. 


Licensed veterinary technician, Marie examines a slide under the microscope in search of signs of intestinal parasites - tiny invisible terrors! 

Bonding time

Veterinary assistant Andrew cuddles with Japanese Chin, Betty before a surgical procedure. 

Animal Care Provider

Our team of Animal Care Providers are responsible for the comfort of all patients boarding with us. Here, Care Provider, Ronnie snuggles with a patient.